Meet the Floh Team

Working together to achieve great results

Simran Mangharam

Simran heads membership and operations. Having been the tour manager for Late Pandit Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar, she’s organized events across four continents and for audiences in excess of ten thousand. She’s been the co-founder of an executive search firm and is also an MBTI Certified Counsellor. She is eminently qualified for this role. As someone who’s been working since college, she’s acutely aware of the new social order for women professionals in India. The origin of Floh can be traced to several conversations she’s had with her women friends who wonder why it’s so difficult to find like-minded men! Simran hosts Straight Up With Simran, a popular YouTube show focused on modern relationships. Simran is the boss.

Sid Misra

Sid is our product guy. He spends his time thinking about what makes people happy and how Floh can help remove the barriers to their happiness. Sid believes that life in India in the 21st century is becoming increasingly complex and social media can be a powerful tool to cut through some of this new complexity. Sid has a BS and BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Sid is currently a Blavatnik Fellow at Harvard. Sid is great.

Schubert Cardozo

Schubert is the tech co-founder of Floh. A polyglot programmer who loves to build products and engineering teams. Schubert's experience helps him make right decisions, not just on "how to build" but also on "when to build and when not to build", and his knowledge across the web/mobile domain, helps him make the right tech choices. He is also an accomplished guitarist and a sound-engineering enthusiast with his very own home studio.

Siddharth Mangharam

a.k.a. Sidman is the CEO of Floh. He is a self-confessed experience junkie. If you don’t find him running long distances every weekend at Cubbon Park, he’s probably climbing in the Himalayas or at a Vipassana meditation program. In his endeavor to seek out the good life he has concluded that the best experiences are when the company is great and the activity is well organized. These are the fundamental drivers that define our approach at Floh. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sidman did time at McKinsey & Co. Inc., Microsoft Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company. He has an MBA from The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His personal OKRs for this year include running the equivalent of 52 full marathons and holding a plank for 8 minutes.

Hiring Diversity and Equity Statement

Respecting equality and valuing diversity is fundamental to our mission at Floh. Aligned with our ethos of being inclusive, Floh does not discriminate based on caste, gender, religion, physical attributes, or political leaning. We welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations. Floh's Founders personally drive the commitment to an organizational culture in which promoting equality is a priority. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of discrimination.