Ask me Anything With SIMBA - Author of 'Diary of a Single Man

20 March

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As an immediate response, we’ve created a Floh community called “Floh Common Room” on the Floh App. This is a space for all of us, regardless of city, to interact with each other via talks, AMAs (Ask Me Anything’s) and a lot more.

To access the Common Room on the Floh App, navigate to Communities → Select ‘City Agnostic’ → select Floh Common Room and add yourself to the community. Some of you have already been added to the Common Room. You’re free to leave the Common Room at any time.


We have all enjoyed reading about his adventures (and misadventures!) as he navigates his way through dating, romance and the single life. In fact, there are comments on the Floh blog that call him the next Matthew Hussey! Meet SIMBA, the Mysterious Single Indian Man.

We’re having an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with SIMBA. You can ask him anything – from how he gained enlightenment at a Las Vegas strip club, to why he hates dating apps and any other question that you like! You don’t want to miss this no-holds-barred session with SIMBA!  

Join in on the fun and sweep those quarantine blues away. Sign up now – it’s free!


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